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1100 State Street-OFA, Ogdensburg, NY, 13669

OCP Tickets

Ogdensburg Command Performances provides the residents of northern NY and eastern Ontario with an affordable opportunity to enjoy many of the same performances that are available in metropolitan areas without the expense or the inconvenience of winter travel. Last season, despite social distancing requirements, almost 3,100 theatre-lovers from 72 towns and Canadian postal codes experienced the magic of Command Performances.

‚ÄčCommunities with abundant arts opportunities have higher standards of living, are better able to attract business and industry, and experience stronger economic growth. OCP is very proud of the role it has played in creating a vibrant cultural environment for almost 60 years.

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 When purchasing tickets please take special note of the time of the performance 

‚ÄčMasks are optional

ORCH 1  $43 / $39*
ORCH 2  $35 / $32*
ORCH 3  $31 / $28*
ORCH 4  $19 / $17*
*Senior Citizens 62+/Full Time Students -22 Years
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